About Alice

About Alice

Hello! I’m Alice, Personal Stylist and founder of Buddy & Noo.

My business aims to help women discover their own unique style and grow their confidence through their wardrobes in an easy and sustainable way.

I started my career working for high street brands including French Connection and Zara, planning and designing shop floor layouts and window displays, which is where I developed my love of fashion and styling.

Joining the corporate wheel, I worked for global brand Ralph Lauren in offices across London and Europe. By then a working mother, I became well versed in needing a versatile wardrobe that suited my many different ‘hats’ as a woman running a home whilst building a career.

After my second child was born, aka ‘Buddy’, I hit a confidence low.

I became very familiar with that feeling of looking in your wardrobe, feeling completely uninspired and having the sense that your lost identity is there, but not necessarily having an endless budget, know how or even the energy to do anything about it!

Now a qualified Personal Stylist based in Bournemouth, Dorset, I have combined this with my own experience to develop my ethos of Wardrobe Love.

Wardrobe Love

The concept of taking the time to get to know ourselves, body shapes and style aspirations and exploring those identities through our existing wardrobes.How often we see someone in a great outfit and wish we could look like that.

The likelihood is that outfit combination or a slight variation of it may already be in our wardrobes, but we are so stuck in our rut we are unable to see it.

That’s where my passion really comes in, showing people what they can create from items already hanging in front of them. Believe me there is always some kind of fabulousness in there!

Buddy and Noo

Buddy and Noo is named after my other loves, my children (Buddy is my son Arthur and Noo is my daughter Nancy) a nod to an ideal I hope to grow for them and our future generations. Encouraging acceptance of ourselves, who we are, how to feel good in our style and show that in a sustainable way.

Personal style for me does not just remain in our wardrobes, our homes are where we also show our personality and flair. As a qualified Interior Designer and previous interior stylist for Farrow & Ball showrooms across Europe, I have a superb knowledge and understanding of colour, light and interior design too.

What Would Alice Do.

‘What Would Alice Do?’ is a phrase many of my clients find themselves using after experiencing a styling service with me. 

In my Facebook group What Would Alice Do I aim to continue the support and guidance to any new, existing or past clients who are on their style journey. 

After you have completed any Buddy and Noo styling service you will be added automatically to the group.