What was the problem?

Gayleen approached me for a Wardrobe Edit after attending one of my capsule wardrobe workshops online and chatting through a business network group.

As a busy mum of two with a successful copywriting business Gayleen’s life was chaotic and busy leaving little time for herself or her wardrobe.

Having two children had changed her body shape and with little time for self care, Gayleens self confidence was at a low point. Her previous love for clothes and experimenting with different looks had all but gone.

Instead she lived in a comfort uniform of black leggings with long black based floral tops that was swamping her frame and her lovely soft colouring.

What did we do?

The first thing we did was a Colour Analysis to identify the season and palette that would best suit Gayleen’s complexion

We then created moodboards of different looks and styles that Gayleen liked and wanted to emulate within her wardrobe.

During her Wardrobe Edit we took out pretty much all the black! We kept some in for emergencies and as foundation pieces when building more colourful outfits. We then identified the existing items we could use to create new outfits with. Gayleen preferred dresses to trousers so we found a full pleated skirt, some empire line dresses, her brothers old denim shirt and explored different ways to style them using her existing wardrobe. We took pictures of these looks and included them in her report so she could refer back to them when recreating post Edit.

Gayleen then began to fly! Gaining confidence on how to build different looks and in term boosting her own self confidence. We did a Personal Shop to plug any gaps identified through the Edit and to find pieces that could really take Gayleen’s style to where she wanted it to be.

The key items we looked for were more fitted dresses with full skirts, denim jacket, tops in soft neutrals, pinks and blues with some relaxed and boot cut denim.

What Gayleen says

Opening my wardrobe and, ultimately insecurities to Alice was one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

I went in nervous, not knowing what to expect but lacking in confidence. And I came away from both the wardrobe edit and personal shop full of ideas on how I could finally feel great in my clothes again.

The result?

So much more confidence! I now get so excited to explore my wardrobe and create new outfits everyday. I hardly ever wear black anymore and I don’t hide my figure so much!

Thank you Alice. Not only do I have a wardrobe I love now, but I have new found confidence in me!