What was the problem?

Linda was the winner of our Style Makeover competition.

She was nominated by her daughter who wanted to treat her selfless, lovely mum who never focused on herself.

Before the shoot Linda and I had a chat about her style it was clear that although she loved colour and wasn’t afraid to embrace her favourite teals, corals and purples she had little confidence in her shape (which was fabulous by the way) and always went for comfort.

Her day to day life was very active and she loves gardening, so practicality was important.
As a result she would always wear jeans or trousers with a jumper, very rarely any dresses or anything with detail even when out with friends or family to the pub.

Not having a step change in her style day to day meant she had lost her mojo with clothes and felt a bit in a rut of what to wear.

What did we do?

Linda’s colouring allowed us to go with a warm muted palette but with rich tones, perfect for autumn.

By wearing long tops over her trousers, Linda was elongating her body and as result making her legs look shorter.

We focused on balancing up the proportions with subtle hints at a waist, using belts, tie or wrap tops and slightly tucking in her trousers.

We talked about necklines and how a lower one with some detail around the neck/shoulders can slim our upper arms and balance out the thighs.

Linda has fabulous legs so brought the hemlines up slightly to show them off!

What Linda says

‘I have had the most amazing day. I have been so pleased with the outfits you put together for me today. It really has been an eye opener for me and made me think about the way I dress!’