Conversations with my Wardrobe

21 May 2020

Wardrobes are funny things really.

We expect so much from them yet not prepared to put in the ground work.

After my last blog post a friend commented to me that she found it interesting the thought of making friends with your wardrobe.
This got me thinking (always dangerous) about the relationship we have with our wardrobes and the idea of having a friendship with it!

I mean let’s be honest, it’s not something any of us would think we needed to prioritise.
Yet when I did and I took the time to become familiar with it, it become one of my most important relationships.

(Sounds dramatic I know, but nothing Mr N need worry about!)

That’s why can honestly say now that I am now firm friends with my wardrobe.

We go on holiday together, the gym, the park and even nights out (all pre lockdown of course – now our time is more limited to household activities or the excitement of the SUPERMARKET!) the point being I don’t dread looking in my wardrobe in the morning.

I know pretty much every item there is hanging, folded or stuffed in every corner and I make a point of pulling things out I haven’t seen for a while to see what it has to offer.

An article I read from the Sunday Post written in June last year said that ‘to mark the UK launch of “pre-loved” clothing retailer Patatam, a survey found the average British woman has £504 worth of unwanted clothing hanging up at home.

When asked why, one in 10 cited sentimental reasons, saying some outfits remind them of a specific place, person or experience.
One in five hoped they would eventually be able to lose weight and squeeze back into items that are the wrong size.’

Hands up if you fit into either of those categories?!

I know I do.
The little white dress I wore for my engagement party that is so impractical for my daily life now and well,  quite frankly I no longer have the boobs for it!

What about the shoes that no longer fit and so uncomfortable but are just too damn pretty to part with! (far too many of those!)

Thing is it’s not those pieces I am interested in. It’s the day to day stuff that still fits, isn’t really sentimental, its just there because you bought it for something or other and still like it, but have no idea what to do with, that I’m after.

These are the pieces that will solve a lot of the style answers you are looking for. You just need to find the magic and gain the confidence in turning something blah into bloomin’ amazing.

To help me stay inspired and help the wardrobe/me relationship stay healthy.
I have a winter and a summer ‘wardrobe’ which I rotate every year and every year when I pull it out I go through, try stuff on and decide if I’ll wear it again, most of it I will.

The trick is to be creative. Have fun with it.

I look at some of the trends for the season or looks that I like for inspiration…..and then go shopping…..! I pull out all the boxes, re-discovering gems I had forgotten about over the past 6 months and most importantly have fun!

For example I have a dress in there that I wore in Australia 12 years ago and still wear now! (And before you moan and say ‘oh well she’s lucky she can still fit into it’  BELIEVE me my weight has fluctuated and it has fitted me very differently over that time!!)
The point is that I have made it work hard for me – if its a bit tight then I’ve put a shirt or a lightweight cardi (we all know how I feel about cardi’s!) over the top to hide those lumps and bumps.
Too big, I wear a belt or a T-shirt underneath.
Now for instance, because I’m not keen on the cut so much at the moment, I’ll wear it as a beach cover up so don’t have to put as much effort into the styling.

It can be anything you may have that just needs a bit of re-invention.

Old smart trousers that are no longer required for work purposes…pair with a white T-shirt (could be a funky statement on the front if you fancy) and some trainers or chunky sandals and Boom! you have a current look that came from some boring fuddy duddy trousers.

Play with colour – thats always an easy way to update a look.

Colour blocking is still a huge trend and if you know your ‘seasonal colours’ or colours that you know look good on you, combining the right ones can also be a quick and easy way to bring alive your complexion without the extra makeup!
(Although don’t know about you but this gorgeous sunshine is doing wonders for my pasty winter skin and I have a bit of dare I say it – holiday glow!)

Using print and colour –  now there’s a winner.

Pick one or both to create a statement to your look.
This can be an instant way to update ANYTHING. Doesn’t have to be too bold, a floral with a delicate pinstripe. Or a polka dot scarf with a pair of jeans and a coloured belt.

Use your accessories!

Dig out old skinny scarfs and use them as belts or headbands (Im using mine to cover my roots!! Cannot wait for hairdressers to re-open!)

So you see where I’m coming from – make FRIENDS with your wardrobe, see what it has to offer before you reach for the online account or hunt for something new.
Nine times out of ten there is a solution already in there….you just need to have a conversation and have some fun together!

If after all that it’s saying ‘you know what, actually I would like something new’ then at least you know where to start and won’t waste your money buying something you won’t need!


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