I feel at my heaviest and am going on a diet plan to lose weight. Should I wait until I have lost the weight before I book a styling session?

Often when we are at our lowest ebb can be when we are the most open to change and ways to feel better. All our services are aimed at giving you the tools to know and love your style regardless of your shape or size.

We believe our wardrobes are evolving things which can adapt to our needs, the important thing is to focus on what it can do to help you feel better now, giving you confidence to be yourself now.

Do you work with people of different body shapes?
Yes we do, all different shapes, sizes and heights! Our clients are a wonderful diverse collection of people, plus size, petite and tall just for a start! Style has no size restriction.
Do I need a colour analysis to know what looks good on me?

Having a colour analysis can be a great way to understand what colours, tones and shades that look the best with our complexions.

It can help when it comes to shopping, building outfits and even lifting our mood with what we wear!

The best and most efficient wardrobes are created using clothes you know you will wear, feel good and suit you.

Our Wardrobe Edit service uses colour analysis as a foundation in which to help achieve that by combining with body shape and style personality analysis to create a full picture of your style for inspiration and guidance.

That said our Wardrobe Refresh or Personal Shopping Services which do not feature colour analysis are very effective in giving you, your wardrobe and your style a boost!
We can make all our packages bespoke so if you would want to include a Colour Analysis just let us know.

Do I need a to have a certain size Wardrobe to book any Wardrobe Love package?
Not at all. We base our Edits on a double wardrobe and larger chest of drawers but this can be adapted whether yours is from a small single all the way to a large walk in!
What will I have at the end of a Wardrobe Love package?

Our main focuses for either of those services are outfit building and giving you the tools and/or the ideas to talk that forward.

Whether the Refresh which is a quick flash of inspiration and selected outfits to the Edit where we go more in depth into the ideas behind your wardrobe and outfit building. We want to feel excited and have a renewed spring in your style step!

What do I need to prepare?

For a Wardrobe service we ask for a clean and tidy space around your wardrobe so there is minimal clutter to interfere with clothes being moved about.

Bin bags and hangers are always a good idea to have ready too.

Personal Shopping we advise wearing comfortable footwear and bringing water!

For all other services just your fabulous self is all you need!

How much will I need to spend on clothes afterwards?

That is entirely up to you. For a Personal or Online Shop we will ask for a budget idea however we are guided by you the entire time.

Our Recommended Click to Buy sections are there for you to shop at your convenience. We obviously cannot guarantee whether they will be available in your size when you come to buy them. However what we do suggest will be in line with our styling tips and advice which should be able to guide on an alternative.

I don’t want to buy secondhand, is that a problem?

As much as we encourage our clients to look at shopping preloved or secondhand we appreciate that not everyone wants to buy their clothes that way.

If this is something you would not like our support or guidance with you can let us know through our questionnaire and we will advise accordingly.

How do I book?

You can either send an email directly to info@buddyandnoo.co.uk specifying which service you would like to book and we will get back to you with all relevant information.
Alternatively use our contact page or book a FREE 15 Style Taster session with Alice to discuss and arrange your booking.

To discuss your wardrobe dilemma why not book a free 15min style taster session?