Full Wardrobe Edit


A more in-depth dive into your style, this service is designed to give you and your Wardrobe a new look and boost your confidence.

Often when we are stuck in that style rut and feeling low in self-confidence we will buy shiny, bright and fancy new items when out shopping believing they will be the solution to our problem.

However, when we get home, open those wardrobe doors we still feel uninspired, not quite sure what to wear the new item with so it will be hung at the back, with the label on, most likely to never be worn.

If this is or has been you believe me, you are not alone.

Your style rut maybe down to circumstance, a mum to young children so practicality dictates your style or a mum to older children and practicality is all you know.

You may be a professional woman who is stuck in your corporate style and not sure how to inject your own personality into your style now.

Or perhaps a change in circumstance is what has kick started you into thinking it is time you focused on yourself for a change, treated yourself to something that is going to benefit you, not others around you.

‘I treated myself to colour and style analysis as well as wardrobe edit with Alice and it was probably the best treat I could have bought myself.
After just a few hours with Alice which included a wardrobe cull (appropriate) I was falling in love with my clothes again as well as rediscovering colour. Genuinely the best money I have spent in a long while. Alice’s business style is kind but effective, directing without being dictating, comes from the heart in terms of her wanting to help women feel their best selves, and the whole experience is shaped by the wealth of experience that Alice has gained over many years in the fashion industry. A 5* experience throughout. Cannot recommend highly enough.’

So what does it involve?

A Full Wardrobe Edit will really look at, not only what is in your wardrobe, but will also explore your buying habits, how the clothes you currently wear are impacting your self-confidence and lifestyle.

During a one-to-one style consultation we will look at your colouring and body shape to identify the types of clothing that will suit you best, explore your Style Personality, using Pinterest to create your own bespoke board for continued inspiration.

The Edit itself will not only focus on removing the items that ‘don’t cut the mustard’ but also on identifying the ones which do work and capitalising on their potential.

We will create outfits for every day, work, or an event, whichever you need. I will talk you through all the styling tips and advice you need so you can see the fabulousness that I see!

Following that a Style Report will be sent to you documenting everything that we have covered in the Edit, including photographs of the outfits we have created and all my Tips and Tricks to trigger your memory! This is a great tool to print off and put inside your wardrobe doors for everyday inspiration or to take with you on shopping trips.

Package Details

  • Style Questionnaire
  • 45 min Style Consultation (via Zoom or in person)
  • 3 hour Wardrobe Edit
  • Style Report
  • Pinterest board
  • Up to 20 items on your ‘Recommended ‘Click to Buy’ Pinterest board

To learn more about how to get started or discuss your wardrobe dilemma why not book a free 15min Style taster session?

Alternatively feel free to ask me a question via my contact page.


The 3 hour edit is suitable for a large double wardrobe and chest of drawers. Anything larger will require more time and will be added at the rate of £75 per hour Travel – 45p per mile if live more than 60 mins from Bournemouth