Have a party. Have a Style Party!

15 August 2021

Audrey Hepburn once said ‘Life is a party, dress like it.’

Well although there may be some days where the last thing we feel like doing is dressing for a party, she had a very good point.

But what about learning about how to dress whilst AT a party!?

Kind of killing two birds with one stone there I feel?

Yup, I am talking about a Style Party.

What’s a Style Party?

Well, it is in fact a fabulous evening with you and your closest friends, in the comfortable surroundings of yours or your friends garden/home with drinks, food and lots of fun.

Think along the lines of a Tupperware (showing my age here!) party or even a beauty party like a Tropic or Body Shop.
Although that is kind of mis-conception too actually as I don’t actually come with a suitcase full of goodies to sell to you and I don’t tell you the right way to apply your facial moisturiser (its gentle upward circular movements…in case you were wondering) either.

What I do bring is a stylish holdall full of clothes and accessories designed to show you my Top Tips and Tricks when it comes to Personal Styling, tailored around a specific topic that you, the host selected for your friends.

These can be :

  • Seasonal Trends
  • Second hand Shopping
  • Create a Capsule Wardrobe
  • Stay/Work from Home Wardrobe
  • Denim & Body Shapes

Or if you have a specific topic in mind we can create a bespoke session for you.

So what makes this a good party?!

To begin with I pull out my magic bag (I like to think of Mary Poppins here and her carpet bag!) and talk through your chosen topic, using items to demonstrate key tips and pointers that will help you and your friends really like the experts by the end!

Then we have my favourite part……

The Show & Tell!

So, prior to the party I will ask you and your friends to prepare 3 items to bring from their wardrobes that they need advice on.

Now this could be a top that was bought on impulse in a random shop…… you can’t even remember where……you kind of like it…… but just not sure and need a second opinion.
Or it could be an old favourite that needs a bit of a re-style.

In fact the most popular one is the gifted item that a loved one bought.  You know what I am talking about! The jumper or top or scarf that is just not you.
You really don’t like it or even know how to begin to wear it but you do know they will be expecting you to wear it at some point!

It is at this point of the party where I will ask you to ‘show’ us all these items. I will give you my advice and tips on how to style, improve or even just get rid of!

**Note make sure the person who bought you the unwanted gift item isn’t a guest at the party! Awks!

Everyone loves to get involved in this bit too which is why it is my favourite part of the evening.

I get to see the friendships and the style at their best.

Everyone laughing and joking about their differences in styles or previous fashion faux pas that they love to remind each other of. Even trying on their own or each other’s clothes, I have seen friends actually swap items and go home with something completely different to what they came with!

The bubbles have usually been flowing for an hour or so two by this point which can make it even more amusing!

Now to the detail.

The whole party is designed to last for 2 hours.

So can be great as a warm up to a bigger evening or as a way to set the tone and maybe ‘break the ice’ for an event where people know each other but are not so close.

(I am thinking hen do’s or birthday parties here)

But ultimately it could just be you and your girlfriends having a night in together, talking style, fashion and clothes. Learning new things about ways you can dress that will not only boost your confidence but help give you the tools to shop your wardrobe better.

Price is £25 per person with a minimum of 4 people.
Maximum is 8 at this price but if it was for a larger number I can create a bespoke party with a bespoke price.

The host will also get 10% off any Personal Styling service booked within 8 weeks from the date of the party.

For more information about this service got to the Style Party section on my website.

Or drop me an email at info@buddyandnoo.co.uk


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