How a Seasonal Switch can change your wardrobe habits forever.

13 March 2022

It’s that time of year again. The temperature goes up and down like a yo-yo, one minute you are freezing cold, reaching for that cosy coat…
The next you are stripping it all off as the sun comes out and you start to melt underneath all the layers you just put on.
This constant changing temperature cause havoc with our wardrobes, increasing the ever frustrating decision of what to wear. 

Which is why, certainly in the case of some of my clients and I am sure some of you reading this will also be victim of too, you keep EVERYTHING in the same wardrobe so it is all to hand. Just in the case the weather does a 360 again and you need that winter coat in May….

This is never a good idea. 

Why? Well I will get to that in a minute. 

So how do I cope with the changing weather causing havoc with my wardrobe? 

Become a Switcher. Do a Seasonal Switch.

A Seasonal Switch? 
Yes a Seasonal Switch, and hopefully I have said it enough times for it to stick in your mind now too. A Seasonal Switch is where you take out the clothes that were suitable for the season you are coming to the end of i.e. Winter jumpers, coats etc and replace with items more appropriate for the seasons you are heading into…..light floral dresses, shorts…. you get where I am going. 

The reason a switch is a good idea and why I am dedicating a whole blog to it as follows. 

1 – De-clutter your wardrobe, declutter your mind.

Surrounding ourselves with clutter and mess is the catalyst for many of us to feel overwhelmed and helpless. It can cause added stress and the burden of it all causes us to bury our heads in the sand and ignore it. Then it gets worse, we go round in circles buying more…..etc etc Having an organised wardrobe can help with processing stress and leave us feeling calmer.
This applies to our homes too and bringing in a professional to help you sort through, declutter and organise can lift all the weight off your mind. I can totally recommend Stephanie Rough from The Organised Zone UK – We did a series of lives on my Instagram talking how to declutter. Check it out here

2 – Easy outfit building.

You wouldn’t wear flip flops in the winter so why have them in front of you everyday?
By removing them or any other offending items that are seasonally inappropriate, putting in a box and storing out of sight (and out of mind) you are actually allowing the items that are good for you right now to become more visible.
They have space to breathe, to show you how good they are and for you to easily see them when you open those wardrobe doors in the morning to get dressed.

Funny thing is by having less in there, limiting your choices to items you actually will wear you will make more outfits.
Believe me.
(I call it outfit maths, but that’s another topic for another day.)

3 – Newness

I LOVE doing my switches and genuinely look forward to doing them when seasons begin to change. It is like shopping but without spending the money! I find things I had forgotten about and love finding new ways to wear them. 
Pinterest is a great tool to get inspiration for the new seasons looks.

So when should I do one? 

From Winter – Summer I would suggest April time but thanks to global warming the weather is a little unpredictable and it can be quite balmy in March, so it’s all dependant on when your body temperature!
Me, I feel the cold so I tend to go April.
Summer to Winter – again this can be tricky as Indian Summers are becoming more regular in September now so October is ideal. 

But what if I get cold with all my summer clothes in the wardrobe when it’s winter outside? 

The answer to this is Transitional clothing! 

That funny time between the seasons and the clothes we wear in that time are called Transitional clothing in the fashion world. Where you are not quite in one season but still loitering in the other. 
You have key pieces that you use for layering to allow you to adjust to the weather.
They are classic, basic items in lightweight breathable fabrics that allow you the versatility needed for outfit building in rather inclement weather. 

Here’s 5 great Transitional items examples: 

From Left. 1 – Blazer from Nobody’s Child, 2 – Short Sleeve Organic Cotton T-shirt from Gap
3 – Lightweight knit from Zara 4- Black Chunky Ankle Boots from Marks & Spencer  5 – Patterned Scarf from Oliver Bonas

These items are all light enough, in breathable fabrics, that can go under or over your favourite seasonal looks to bring more warmth but easy to remove if temperature requires it. 
Investing in these key pieces, buying quality from ethical brands will last you for several seasons and throughout the year. If you follow me you will know I have pieces like these and wear mine most of the time! 

One final thing I would say if you are thinking about doing your own Seasonal Switch.
Have some fun!
Put some music on and be creative, embrace the change!

Switching is a twice a year event so make the most and enjoy the process.
If switching still seems daunting on your own, maybe it’s your first time, don’t worry that is perfectly normal. 
Download my free 10 Step Checklist here to help you on your way.

I can help. I offer two options for a Seasonal Switch. 

There is the quick dip in – The Wardrobe Refresher. 

You will do most of the switch over yourself, but I come over for an hour to your home and we go through it together. I will identify the key transitional pieces for you, help you outfit build and style then make 5 recommendations for you to buy which will see you on your way to fabulous seasonal style!

Or we have the full dip – The Wardrobe Edit

This is a more in-depth switch over. We actually pull EVERYTHING out and go through it all entirely together. We do a Style Consult beforehand, completing a colour, body shape and style personality analysis then in 3 hours we curate your wardrobe into something that is tailored to suit you and your lifestyle for not just the season ahead but for the future too!

Book your FREE Style Taster session to learn more about these services or maybe just to chat about wardrobes!


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  1. SM Yousaf

    Ah, the perpetual struggle of dressing for unpredictable weather! The constant battle between staying warm and stripping off layers when the sun unexpectedly appears. I can totally relate to the wardrobe chaos that ensues, and it seems like many of my clients do too. It’s the classic case of keeping all seasons in one wardrobe, just in case Mother Nature decides to throw a curveball and make us reach for that winter coat in the middle of May. The eternal dilemma of what to wear continues! 😅


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