How to be stylish in your Christmas Clothes.

11 December 2020

Right, so this blog topic is a request and to be honest, it’s something that has come up with my clients in the past, ‘How to not look like you have just stepped out of Elf the movie, but still look festive’.

If you would like to be, the key word ‘Stylish’ in Christmas Clothes, then read on for my handy tips.


What is the difference between Festive Christmas Clothes and Festive Clothes?

First of all, we should clear up the definition of festive Christmas clothes and just festive clothes.
Festive Christmas clothes are the ones you wear on Christmas/Boxing Day.
For example:

    • The cheesy slogan jumper and/ or big knitted Intarsia Reindeer or Rudolph on the front
    • The cheesy slogan T-shirt
    • The cheesy family PJ’s
    • The novelty Elf hat or Santa hat, that isn’t a proper knitted hat which can be worn outside on social occasions (not recommended)
    • The Christmas pudding earrings that are worn ONLY on Christmas day (yup, my cost per wear is quite high on that one!)

You get the picture.
Basically, any novelty, cheesy, over top, glittery item of clothing that looks like Christmas has had the last laugh on your outfit.

Santa’s Cookie Christmas Jumper. Courtesy of

Right, onto STYLISH festive clothing. For example:

  • Think Fair Isle knitted jumpers, tops or accessories
  • To be fair ANYTHING fair isle could pretty much be considered ‘festive’
  • Fur (faux) lined cardigans and boots
  • Cool retro knitted jumpers or ones with ‘tasteful’ sequins in the shape of a star, Christmas tree or snowflake
  • Tops or dresses smothered in sequins with no novelty slogan or face in sight
  • Sparkly tops, trousers, or dresses with, again, no novelty slogan or face anywhere nearby

Fair Isle Jumper Sainsburys £18

Bah Humbug?

Now let’s make one thing clear, I am NOT trying to be Mrs Bah-humbug here, far from it! I know that what I am stating might be controversial and offend the Buddy’s of the world (that’s an Elf reference not mine, although nice link…. sorry waffling!)

I love a cheesy slogan jumper as much as the next person… (I have 2!) However, I am merely trying to help those who wish to navigate the season of glitz, cheese (both metaphorically and literally) and cringe worthy jumpers with a small amount of style dignity intact.

When Should You Wear Festive Christmas Clothes and Festive Clothes?

Now we have cleared up the clothing categories, it’s time to clarify when and where you can wear them. Ok, for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and maybe a day or two either side, you can wear: ALL OF THE ABOVE as and when you want too!!

However, on all the other days you can wear: FESTIVE clothing, with the only EXCEPTION being for an office Christmas party (Zoom included), Christmas Jumper day (obvs), Santa visit or any other ‘novelty’ Christmas event where a smattering of the Christmas cheese is required.

How Can You Mix Festive Christmas Clothes and Festive Clothes Together?

Now for the formula on how to mix the two. Basically, when you think you have gone too far with the novelty clothes, remove two items.

I’ll give you 3 scenarios…

  1. Meeting friends for Christmas drinks/lunch. (Not on one of the specified ‘novelty’ days)

Indoors: Think of it like a normal night out, but a cannister of glitter has exploded over your head. Sequins, sparkle and pretty beaded embroidery details are a must!

Now I am going to put a disclaimer in here.

I am aware that there are MANY sequinned jumpers that have reference to gin, prosecco or whatever (I know, I have a gin one) Obviously if you’re out with the girls, drinking prosecco, it seems like a perfect fit to wear the top that actually spells out what you are doing. If this is the case, then ‘funk’ it up a bit.


  • Black skinny jeans with some chunky boots and silver hoops.
  • Or an A-line printed skirt with ankle/knee high boots
  • Some high waisted tapered trousers with a pair of stiletto shoes/boots.

This Next Christmas Jumper dressed up with a gold skirt to give it some oomph! See what I mean, add a bit of style to balance out the cheese factor.

Outdoors:  Okay, so obviously coats and layers are involved. Therefore, it’s time to think ACCESSORIES! Go for bling on the earrings, scarf, even gloves! Maybe even add a pop of festive red, or sparkle to your footwear choice. Novelty earrings allowed!

  1. Day out with family.

Fair Isle knits are your best friend here. Worn with denim, whether that’s skirts or jeans, some gorgeous chunky boots and voila; you have a festive style formula that will never fade.

The same Next Christmas Jumper here but styled as such.

If the day out is to visit Santa, then even Mrs Style Scrooge over here would wear a novelty Christmas Intarsia jumper to that. In fact, I believe I went whole hog and wore the elf eared bobble hat too!

  1. Christmas Day/ Boxing Day etc.

Ok so remember when I said: “When dressing in the novelty clothing, if you think you’ve gone too far, step back and remove two items” … this is where it comes into play for two reasons.

  1. Spread out the tat, give your family something different to look at over the 3 days!
  2. Let’s be honest, it gets irritating after a while. By dialling it down, you are guaranteed to keep your festive Christmas look all day, rather than the standard wearing it first thing in the morning, then it’s all thrown behind the sofa after the ‘novelty’ has worn off.

Instead, just wear:

  • Jumper + earrings
  • Dress + headband
  • T-shirt + socks

Pair with something gorgeous, like a pleated shimmery A line skirt, or a pair of funky black pleather joggers and you have a fun STYLISH Christmas day look!

I hope that this blog post has helped you to think about how you can be stylish in Christmas clothing! That’s Mrs Style Scrooge signing off till next year!


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