Life & Style Gurus

Meeting Sharon James from InShineOut across a crowded Zoom networking room, we connected and instantly identified the synergie between us.

Sharon founded InshineOut, a coaching business based on leadership and empowerment in life to help women who are feeling disconnected, stuck in a rut or have lost their sparkle.
She guides them into falling back in love with themselves and life, becoming happier, healthier, more empowered versions from the inside out.

During lockdown we started hosting our Cocktail Chats. A 6pm Facebook LIve where we got all dressed up in our ‘out out’ finery and discussed lockdown life over a cocktail (or two).

Since then this has evolved into Coffee Chats, Instagram Lives and the creation of the Life & Style Gurus, a joint partnership combining our skills and passions to help women feel fabulous and a true representation of themselves.

We explore the mental and physical emotions, changes, challenges and frustrations we face as women and how that can affect and limit us. Sharon uses her wealth of knowledge and expertise to give tips, advice and support on how to get the internal part of you feeling liberated and nourished.

Whilst I help you explore how your style can reflect the changes you are going through. We untap that inner style goddess, dressing our body to show its fabulousness and embrace who we are through our style.

Upcoming Events

Future Self Webinar

Be your own Guru Workshop

More details to follow.