Life isn’t perfect but your swimwear can be.

18 February 2022
Yep, it is possible to find swimwear that feels good.

When I started to write this blog I was going through all the body shapes and identifying which style of swimwear would look good for each shape.
But to be honest it started to go on and on, there are so many ways to interpret how to enhance your shape using illusion trickery, it well, got a bit boring.


As I was writing it I also realised that actually a lot of the time swimwear needs to serve a function.
Yes obviously swimming but we do a lot more in our swimwear that swim!

So the best way to think about what kind of swimwear you need is to figure out what you need it for.
For example:-

  • Are you a mum who has two young children and so needs something practical that will not expose a boob or risk bottoms falling off when in the water with them. 
  • Are you a mum whose children are a little older so not as much involvement is required (if at all) but swimwear still needs to provide some tummy and boob support for when you reach for that much needed cocktail on the beach. 
  • Are you having a romantic trip away so swimwear needs to be for sunbathing and looking slightly, dare I say it, sexy?
  • Are you purely practical. One of those gorgeous athletic types that will be in the water paddle boarding, playing volleyball, snorkelling and so swimwear needs to look stylish but skimpy and/or fussy would just be inappropriate. 
  • Or are you just looking for something that doesn’t make you feel like a blob and want to reach for the kaftan? 

See – these are the requirements for swimwear, not whether your hips are bigger than your shoulders.
(This would be a Pear shape by the way, bring all the detail to your top half – just like this gorgeous Ruffle Swimsuit from Boden

Are you a swimsuit or a bikini girl?

There is absolutely NO judgement if you are still loving your bikinis in your 40’s, 50’s or 60’s.  Just look at that iconic, went viral photo, of Helen Mirren in her bikini when she was 63, on an Italian beach and was swiftly declared a sex symbol!

**She has since discussed this in interviews laughing at the whole scenario saying she was actually breathing in, posing for a cheeky shot for her husband when saw the paparazzi flash……love that woman
The moral of her story – own it. If you are going to wear a bikini, fricking own it.
Don’t fiddle and tug, wear with confidence, otherwise everyone will know you are self conscious and you may as well find that sarong again. 

Don’t be afraid to invest in your swimwear.
Buy from decent brands that have actually considered the feminine shape and curves, not that of a prepubescent teenagers body. If they are made from sustainable fabrics then all the better, well done you.

So I know my needs, what shape shall I go for?

Ok does one of those examples resonate with you, brilliant. Let me talk you through some suitable options.

You have younger children.

Bikini – Go high waisted with bottoms will help if you are conscious of your hips and tummy and give you more stability, when playing/running after children. Try not too get ones too low cut on the leg, this will make them look wider. Go as high as you can.
Top half – I know we don’t want strap lines but unless you are a C cup or higher don’t attempt a bandeaux (unless has straps or underwire) or triangle bikini top. You will forever be yanking or re-adjusting it.
Instead look for a structured balcony shape with removable straps so when you do get to sunbathe you have the strapless option or when you are chasing after your small person you (and your boobs) are protected!

Swimsuit – Again try for a higher leg. Look for some rouching, wrap-over or pleats around waist to hide the tummy. Deep scoop back can make a swimsuit more sexy and less mum frumpy. 

You have older children.

Whether bikini or swimsuit the cut and quality of fabric are so important.
If you have big bust go for a cupped top for support, maybe a halter neck to draw eye up to your décolletage and highlight your shoulders.
Swimsuit – There are so many stunning swimsuits available at the moment and can look so sophisticated. Play with colour, pattern, texture and use to balance your hips and bottom.
Wherever the detail is, that is where the eye will look.  Give that sunlounger something to feel proud about!

Romantic trip away

Whether bikini or swimsuit, you want something evocative but not cheap looking. Peekaboo or cut out sections are really sexy in a subtle way and but don’t go too over the top!
Low backs are just so alluring and feminine especially paired with ruffles.

Athletic – water sports lover!

So quite the opposite to a relaxed, lounging weekend away!
You want practicality. Swimsuits with a zip front can be that and with a bit of style and sex appeal thrown in.
One shouldered or criss cross back detail are a nice change from just standard thick strap, play with colour blocking to create illusion of waist and give your body curves if you are quite athletic in build. 

Don’t want to be a blob

None of us want to look blob like and the trick is to understand your ‘self conscious’ areas and use tricks to hide or balance them. For example darker colours will look more elegant, are slimming and when used to contour with lighter tones, can create a silhouette that when you look down on your sun lounger or in the mirror you feel more fab than flab-u-lous. 

So to finish, my Top 3 Tips for looking good in swimwear.

Lift those boobs UP.

Get ‘em up! Get them off your ribcage and that will help give you a waist. Particularly in a swimsuit where they tend to push those puppies down and flat, if the cut is not wrap over or has built in support. This is really important if you are an Apple shape and your tummy is your widest part. 

Go for classic, elegant shapes that are made well and you can’t go wrong.

No rocket science really. The better the fabric the better the fit and the longer will last. Look for recycled or sustainably sourced ones where you can, the sea will thank you for it.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match.

We have talked a lot about illusion and drawing the eye away for areas you don’t want to show. If buying bikinis do not be afraid to buy a plain bottom for one shop and a pattered top from another to draw the eye to you bust and visa versa. Bring balance. Make it work for you.

Which brings me to my final takeaway from this mammouth blog.

Think Helen Mirren,……If you are going to wear it, own it.

However if the thought of buying swimwear still feels you with dread then maybe a Personal Shopping session for your summer wardrobe might be an idea.
Can do online recommendations or we can meet and shop together at West Quays Southampton or Castlepoint Bournemouth.
Contact me at to arrange a free style taster consultation.


  1. Natalie felgate

    Fantastic blog. Enjoyed reading a few.

    • Alice Nichol

      Thank you Natalie – so pleased you enjoyed it!

  2. Jackie

    Really interesting article thank you!

    • Alice Nichol

      Thank you Jackie. I am so thrilled you found it an interesting and enjoyable read!


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