The Rise of Vinted: How to Make the Most of This Preloved App

31 January 2024

When did you first hear the word Vinted?

Did you even know what they were talking about when you heard it?

Well for those who are still not sure, Vinted is preloved shopping app where users can buy and sell items with minimal fuss and effort.
It has over 16 million users in the UK and although launched in 2016 since 2021 has fast become the go-to app for selling anything online. Ebay still is leading market app with just over 17 million per month but given that you cannot really buy furniture or cars on Vinted, I would say it has overtaken Ebay in terms of small value secondhand selling.
Vinted was downloaded 29.1 million times in 2022, and there were 65 million registered users of the app in 2023, up seven million from the previous year. So it is growing in popularity.  

How do I know Vinted?

I actually came across Vinted in 2019. A friend of a friend recommended it to me, a quick Apple app store download and I was hooked.
In my post childbirth, baby Buddy days, it became a bit of a lifeline for me in terms of updating my wardrobe and giving me some ‘feel good’ newness at half the price on the high street when I needed it the most.

Launching Buddy and Noo is 2020 meant that naturally Vinted became part of my repertoire and a resource I was keen to introduce clients to.

Why the fuss about Vinted?

Vinted makes selling items you no longer want or need, easy and fuss free. There is an in app postage system which you can now opt to print label at the drop off point so if using the InPost system all you have to do is literally bundle it up it whatever wrap you can find (I have used up several left of Bags for Life with masking tape and found does the trick!) and everything else is done for you when you drop it off at their automated lockers.

Selling is so easy as it is literally just taking a picture of the item with your phone, uploading and answering the preset criteria Vinted requires to help buyers find your item, choosing the price and away you go!

Buying is so simple too, literally tap here and tap there and in a few days it will be ready for you to collect. (there is a little bit more to it, a couple of things need to be set up in your account before tapping is that easy but you get the gist)

I truly believe that this user friendly approach is one of the reasons it has gone bonkers.
That and coinciding with a pandemic that meant buying online was our only option and clear outs were what we did to pass the time, it was the perfect combination to get many of us hooked.

Always make a pile of clothes for Vinted when clearing out your wardrobe.

With so many users can I find what I want?

Many of my clients find Vinted overwhelming. The downside to the increased user number is the amount of versions of one item you might be looking for has gone through the roof. 
If you are looking for some black trousers in a size 12 you will literally have to scroll through thousands of images to find the ones for you.
Yes there are filters but they can be quite generic and only limit the overwhelm slightly.

Interestingly brand awareness for Vinted is 80%, but usage is only 28% – maybe because people aren’t sure how to get the most out of it.

So what is the trick to shopping on Vinted?

Know exactly what you are looking for helps but for the seasoned Vinted user this is not a necessity.
For clients who are new to the app I always recommend being as specific as possible in the search, the filters won’t always show you what you want but actually typing it into the search can be more precise.
I usually pre-select pieces and send them the link so they can get used to the interface etc and take baby steps towards uploading and selling items themselves.

Take a little time to assess the seller.
Look at their reviews, read them – are there any comments about quality of item or time it took to send? These are always red flags that the seller isn’t all that genuine.

Don’t be afraid to ask for more pictures or information.
Returning items on Vinted is a pain as you, buyers have to pay for the return. So it is important you get your purchase right, otherwise you are just accumulating more stuff you won’t wear in your wardrobe.
Understanding your own body, measurements and sizing is key as you can ask the seller for specific detail sizing so you know it will fit.
There is a message seller button for a reason, use it.

The best thing you can do if you are new to Vinted is take it bit by bit.
Don’t go all in with high price point item; start small and work up. Same with selling, start with one piece and then, the more confident you get you can build your profile to become a reputable seller with multiple items available.

The other thing you can do is come to my Masterclass on the Wednesday 21st February at 8pm.
I will be discussing all things Vinted, how to get your account set up to the best way all the way to become a valued seller.
For more information and to book yourself a space follow this link. 

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