The Who Behind Buddy and Noo.

14 May 2020

So I want to explain where Buddy and Noo came from and why it is called what it is.

I promise I will try to minimise the…..waffle!

So firstly..

The Who

As I touched on in previous ‘introductory’ blog I used to work in fashion initially for French Connection but then moved on to Zara, then eventually Ralph Lauren.

At Ralph Lauren I worked across Childrenswear, Womenswear, Accessories & Home divisions planning the store layouts, styling and stock for stores across Europe.

Sounds a good job, it was and I loved it.

At times very challenging but that to me is why we work – other than money obviously – to learn and challenge ourselves. There were some incredible opportunities and I learnt a hell of a lot along the way.

I had my first child whilst working for them and although leaving her at 8 months to go back to work full time, travelling to Europe for days at a time and commuting every day was hard and gut wrenching to be away from her – I am not ashamed to admit I loved being amongst the world of clothes and styling.

But life is life and we all know it throws its curveballs.

Fast forward and we have moved to Dorset and I’m pregnant with number 2!

The Why.

My body took a bit of a beating with pregnancy number 2.

I was huge, varicose veins had decided to map themselves over my legs so not only did I resemble a whale, my legs …….

Well they were hideous.

Ladies, you know how we are at our least elegant when putting on tights…well try to imagine doing it at 9 months pregnant when you can’t even reach your feet let alone with circulation tights that are literally IMPOSSIBLE to put on.

I had to get Mr N to help!!!!!!

After the newborn bubble wore off and life resumed… wow…. Who was this person that was left behind!?

She was by definition a mother of two.

Something I know I was very fortunate to be.

Yet, the person I felt was not the person who had been fretting about her ovulation 12 months earlier.

She was exhausted, battered, bloated and felt like she was just moving from one thing to another not really aware of WTF was going on around her whilst failing miserably at her one task which was being a good mum.

Now usually when I was going through a tough time I would use clothes as my way of distraction/ or reaffirming who I was.

I am a firm believer that what we wear and how that makes us feel is hugely influential in our general well being and how we then live our lives.

If you shy away from the mirror, tug and pull at your ill fitting clothes and almost apologise for the way you look through your body language then it’s not exactly screaming ‘I love myself’ to the world.

I have to be honest, I was this person.

I vividly remember sitting on the edge of my bed staring at my wardrobe (sometimes actually weeping ) and not knowing what to put on because everything I looked at made me feel like shit.

It was either

1 – Too small

2 – Impractical for new mum duties

3 – Waaaaay too restrictive around areas I didn’t want drawing attention too.

4 – Just. Not. Me. Anymore.

We had no money because I was made redundant when 3 months pregnant so the option of going shopping for a whole new wardrobe was just not available.

I decided to start making more of an effort and used my clothes as a way of dragging myself out of this depressive dark place that was almost overwhelming.

So I had to make friends with my wardrobe.

It didn’t take too much, just a bit of creativity and digging out clothes I had long forgotten about that suddenly had a new lease of life in my now ‘post baby/no money wardrobe’.

Some things worked.

Some were hideous.

And the one outfit I did buy new was a disaster because I didn’t know who I was buying for so it didn’t really suit any of my personalities!

But slowly but surely I started to find myself again.

Mr N noticed a spring in my step.

My mum asked if I had new make-up because I was glowing a bit more than normal (I’ll be honest sometimes that was sweat!)

I started to like my wardrobe, we became friends and starting working together instead of against each other.

If I added something new it was welcomed with other pieces, not just worn once and forgotten about.

It was valued because I had bought it understanding who I was and what I needed from my clothes.

That’s the why, now….

The What…

An Interior Designer I work with (another story for another day/blog) suggested I start my own service helping other women who have been through or are going similar situations and it ignited a fire in me.

The name…well….anyone who knows me, follows me on Insta will know and/or put two and two together by realising Buddy and Noo is actually my nickname for our kids!

I wanted something I could grow, be proud of and nurture and it seemed fitting that it be after the two terrors I watch grow, nurture and beam (or despair!) about every day.

So there you go!!

Sorry -if some of that was particularly hard going (I don’t blame you if you zoned out when the word ‘varicose’ made an appearance) but I wanted to give you a bit of background to me.

I love clothes, but above all I love style.

The joy of putting together an outfit that smacks of you (and you know when it does!) can elevate you to a place of confidence and wellbeing.

That is why working with other women and men to find the outfit which gives them ‘that’ feeling, is the thing I love to do best.

It’s just awesome.


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